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AvatarScott G.

“Love Dave- Used him a couple of times, appreciate having his cell # and his prompt service.”

AvatarDennis C.

“Very pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable.”

AvatarJeffrey H.

“Dave was an excellent help throughout the process.”

AvatarAndrew F.

“Great Service & Experience.”

AvatarMichael C.

“Dave was more professional & helpful than a multitude of lenders. I have worked with him before. Fast & accurate. Please give him a raise or bonus! He is worth his weight in gold.”

AvatarChris W.

“Used Dave before. He is excellent.”

AvatarJoe S.

“I spoke with Dave Jacobson, and he was by far the best of the 3 banks I have talked to! That is why we did our home loan with him.”

AvatarJeremiah H.

“Great Lender and well organized.”

AvatarStaci H.

“Dave was very helpful and made the home-buying process easy.”

AvatarTracey H.

“Great to work with and very attainable.”

AvatarDon S.

“Dave Jacobson was great!!!”

AvatarTroy H.

“Dave was very informative & helpful during my application process. I will recommend Dave to my friends.”

AvatarStephen K.

“Wonderful to deal with!”

AvatarMark S.

“Did a great job explaining everything.”

AvatarJason E.

“Dave did a great job getting the loan ready on such short notice. We have used him before.”

AvatarRobert L.

“Dave did a wonderful Job! Everything was great.”

AvatarSteve B.

“Dave was prompt and gave accurate, and complete information. He was wonderful.”

AvatarTimothy G.

“Dave, you were an amazing lender to work with. I appreciate all you did.”

AvatarLoren A.

“Dave was good to work with.”

AvatarPhillip M.

“Really love Dave.”

AvatarJeffrey C.

“A pleasure as always to work with you.”

AvatarCarson B.

“Dave gave us the best rate! Excellent service.”

AvatarChristopher B.

“Excellent! I used before and gave us the best rates.”

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