While the FHA as a whole does a fairly transparent job of defining which closing costs are permissible to charge to borrowers (people taking out FHA loans), the actual costs and approximate numbers of closing costs are determined by local FHA offices. Generally, other costs aren’t allowed and are normally paid for by the home’s seller or are paid for by the lender if and when your existing FHA loan is being refinanced. These miscellaneous costs that are not allowed include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Your lender’s fee of origination
  • Any verification fees associated with your deposit
  • Any attorney fees
  • Inspection fees and appraisal fees
  • Costs related to the purchase of title insurance, as well as title examination
  • Preparation of documents by a third party
  • Property surveys
  • Any actual costs associated with the creation of credit reports
  • Recording fees, taxes, and any stamps paid for transferring
  • Certification and test fees
  • Fees for home inspections (up to $200)

Please note that the following are allowed in a refinancing FHA loan:

  • Fees for wire transfer
  • Fees for couriers
  • Fees for reconveyance
  • Fees to pay off bills

To see which FHA office is the best one for you to contact about closing costs and FHA loan regulations in Missouri, click here.

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